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I am a UX designer and writer with a simple philosophy, I believe design can change the world.  As a rational optimist I am focused on learning the ‘why’ of everything and working to solve the puzzles of everyday life for humanity.  I know greater collective good can come from design and technology and I want to take us there.


As a designer with a background in business development and operations I enjoy creating products that contribute to the bottom line while first following the ideology of people over profit.  I maintain that when a product of truth is created, the user will come and monetization will follow.  With a design mantra of ease, I know that with ethical, accessible, simple and easy design spaces can be revolutionized.


Beyond design, I am a runner, there are never enough start lines; and an avid reader, there is never enough information to devour.  I have a firm belief that it is of utmost importance to always be a beginner at something.  I spend time every day with myself in a mental download or meditation which contributes to my continual engagement of the process of life.

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Hi, I'm Leslie

what i know

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Interaction Design

User Research





Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop


Google Drive


what i'm learning

Front-End Web Development





Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro

what's next



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