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sunday vibes

For Sunday morning with coffee, reading the newspaper or a book you can't put down these tracks make you feel like you've found home.  They sound equally good on a Friday night in winter time, having a glass of wine, cooking a good meal, having great conversation. Slow soft rhythms, 60s French pop, Irma Thomas and Father John Misty will make you feel warm inside.   

mood booster

This playlist instantly adds a little pep to the step with melodic low fi vibes and lyrics that are nice on the ears it's easy to get lost in these songs.  A great playlist for a long after work walk or a drive to feel like you're flowing...ride the waves.

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we just met

Ya know when you first meet somebody and you want to tell them you love them but you can't?  This playlist will send them the message.  It's not too much but it's also not too little, anybody who hears this will quickly know that the energy was strong between whoever these songs are about.

its late

This playlist is high vibes, a little dance-y and definitely high energy it will glide you through a beautiful listening experience without being intrusive.  Played in the background to escape silence or blasted in the late night hours, it gives out the jams without expecting anything to come of it but if a party were to happen it would carry you through.  It was truly created to be thoroughly enjoyed.

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