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It's iconic, one of the most recognizable pieces of furniture ever designed​, it's art.  Whether you know who Ray and Charles Eames are or you simply look at this chair and see Don Draper, everybody knows what this chair means.  If you've never seen this lounge chair before in your life you have an idea about this chair.  It means somebody has made it.  

The craftsmanship is unparalleled, shaping single pieces of wood using heat and pressure to create the structure and utilizing the softest leather for comfort, the Eames lounge can hardly be simply called a chair.  Released in 1956 and built to resemble the 'feel' of a worn in baseball glove the Eames Lounge Chair has stood the test of time, making modernism comfortable for the first time.

eames lounge


eames 2.jpg

eames lounge


Journal 1.jpg

I am a notetaker.  I have a Leuchtturm 1917 for bullet journaling, I use Field Notes for my running diary and for jotting down Spanish verbs and I still use a Mead Five Star 3 subject college ruled notebook for anything technical and substantial.  I like to write things down, let my thoughts dance on pages and come together with pen to paper.  There is one journal that tops them all, the Princeton Architectural Press Grids & Guides is in my mind perfect.  Each page is different, just like each day, each thought, each memory.  It is sturdy but not hard, the paper holds the ink of a pen like magic.  Mine travels between my desk and my bed, always available for me to write down what is too important to forget.  It’s the journal I take with my when I travel, the journal that gets my ideas and my dreams.  It’s the journal that has boundaries but encourages coloring outside of the lines, making it perfect for me.

grids & guides

grids and guides 2.png

grids & guides

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 6.40.32 PM.png

brighton base layer

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brighton base layer

There is nothing quite like going for a run in the middle of winter.  The chill brings a slow, calmness to the air, there is a type of quiet all around, there is pause.  My body takes longer to get moving and I have to be patient with myself, I have to be more gentle with myself on winter runs and I learn more about myself on winter runs.  Continuing my sport in the winter reminds me that I am dedicated, that I will persevere and overcome challenges in running and in life.


While there are many things that contribute to making a winter run possible, comfortable and safe, nothing beats the Brighton base layer by Tracksmith.  It’s the most important layer, the clothing against my skin keeping me warm and dry.  It has an approachable softness but is always doing the work, much like me, running in the wintertime.

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